Autumn 2011: Anime I’ll be talking about (Part 3)

The final part, last bunch of series that I look forward to.. And as surprised as I am right now, this season turns out to be my favourite (beginning-wise) of the year, even though I expected HxH and P4 to drag it. I’m going to draw conclusions basing on first impressions, but before that, the missing Anime are:

Guilty Crown

The first episode left me with somehow-good impression, even though it came down to the basics of a complex anime; by which I mean: Military, small group of rebels (with a cool and enthiustastic leader), big Mechas action, main character with a superpower and a hawt singing girl, it’s still damn compelling because of the elegant touch to it. Every scene excluding the mechas fights (as they are completely CGI instead of going Code geass  like it should) feels very refreshing and polished.  I can’t wait for the Sundtrack to come out and I’ve seen only two episodes. As for the plot:

Anime takes place in a  futuristic Tokyo, in which for the last 10 years a disease called ‘Lost Christmas’ spread, causing Japan to fall under control of an organisation called GHQ.  Being led by merciless and blackmailing pricks, in shadows a resistance group was born called ‘Undertaker’. One of them, a wounded girl named Yuzuriha Inori met Ouma Shu, a regular student who decides to try saving her, and in the result accidentally takes part in the conflict. She entrusts him with a power called ‘Ability of King’ that’s sealed within her body. The story mainly focuses on a war between two sides and the boy who has yet to see his part in it.

Epic turn arounds, excitment injections and elegant characters are what I expect from this title. I’m two episodes in, and I’m really curious where this is all going. That being said, I’ll be sure to watch it whole.

Shakugan no Shana Final

I must admit, I’m not a big fan of the title. I’ve never really waited impatiently for the next serie to come out.. That’s mostly because the whole supernatural genre with the whole ‘Main Character meets a girl and gets some random power’ got a bit old and in most cases it was poorly executed (Example: Toaru Majutsu no Index, which was interesting at first and then went down to utter crap after a few episodes). It’s just SnS that doesn’t bore me.  Shana in her Flame Haze mode looks just fabulous, also katana, comedy here and there and I’m sold. For the actual plot:

Following the previous serie’s ending(which was an immense cliffhanger by the way), Yuji was about to pick between Shana and Yoshida as the girl he loves, when unexpectedly his flame vanished. (In SnS sense: he stopped existing and everyone lived on as if he was never born, now that’s some cliffhanger inside of a cliffhanger, huh?) So the main issue for the first episode was for Shana and Yoshida to believe that he’s still out there capable of coming back.  And so he does, as a main badass of the serie.

The whole badass thing is a bit mysterious at the moment. He sounds like he’s possessed, but at once he remembers everything and seems to be emotionally connected to everything that happened before. In the first episode we learn that ‘he wanted to change’, so I can only assume that the thing inside him – Reiji Maigo – granted that wish but not exactly how Yuuji would want it to. So I guess it’s just expected for him to turn back at some point. Anyhow, the show still has some horribly designed characters, there’s still this funny ‘war atmopshere’ going on that wants to make it look serious when we all know that in the end it all goes down to two or three characters, but Shana is there in all of her glory, she’s as cute as ever, the Opening is good and the story is about to hit its finale so I can only say that I’m definitely reaching it.


(Aka what the fuck did I just watch)

Before I judge this piece of art, I better jump straight to the plot:

A group of students fight for half-price bento(which is pretty big fucking deal) in a local grocery store.

Oh my god, grown-up Kuririn!

Yes. That’s it. There’s nothing else to say about it. This is the only part that ‘matters’. You think it’s silly or unimportant? Well the show isn’t for you, ’cause appearently you aren’t one of the bentobros. I’d describe the whole design as ‘clumsy’, the main character is not only sharing the voice with Baka to Test’s Akihisa, but he is pretty much the same: always hungry and impossibly stupid. The Anime starts when he wakes up all beat-up with the case of short memory loss, that he gains back once he gets beat up again. From the looks of it, he’s going to train to become capable of getting half-price bento and staying alive.  I bet the best plot twist we can expect is when he realises that he can get it for free from a random girl that falls in love with him at school. So yeah, the show is dumb, the comedy is shallow but it’s still not completely bad because there are no pantsu shots even though we see girls in skirts fighting (which makes it a unique experience). But it’s to be expected that I’ll drop it for lacking any sense in the next few episodes.

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle

I’ll keep it short, because the Anime has the high chance of being dropped:

Daimon Kaito loves puzzles. One day he gets challenged by a person who calls himself Minotaur for the final, most challenging Puzzle game that will put his life at risk. The dumb looking main hero who’s trying his hardest to look kakkoi (cool), obviously accepts it. When he finally gets through the labirynth, he finds a bracer that’s supposed to have some magical quality, as it soon turns out, it can ‘make brain work at 100%’  which is as stupid as it sounds. With its power he escapes the death trap without any rational explanation for the viewer whatsoever.

So it’s mostly what I consider a poor kind of amusement. The guy just solves everything in a few seconds until an impossible-level puzzle comes up that he has to use his new superpower to figure out. I’m not quite sure yet what role will other characters play, so I’ve decided to try a few more episodes to decide whether I drop it or not.

The last serie that’s not a sequel and is somehow watchable:

Kimi to Boku

(Aka Dodge the Gay Vibes Comedy)

It’s one of these horrifying, slow paced Anime that focus on daily life of a group of friends. It pretty much feels like weak Ouran Highschool with no girl in it. So basically a sausage fest and some light comedy going on. I’m not even going to explain the plot as I have no friggin’ idea what it’s all about. All I know is that I giggled once or two during the episode and so I’ve decided to give it try, even though it is so… Yeah. Like with the two series above, it’s a shot in the dark.

Now is the time to sum up my first impressions of Autumn, it goes as following:


– Persona 4

– Hunter x Hunter

– Fate/Zero

– Guilty Crown

– Mirai Nikki

Definitely watching whole but not too excited about it:

– Shakugan no Shana Final

Watching at the moment, might drop:


Boku Ha Tomodachi Ga Sukunai

Still watching but high chance of drop:

– Ben-to

– Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle

– Kimi to Boku


– C³ (Forced cute character, forced comedy, dumb plot. Basically a much worse version of Denpa Seishun no Otoko)

– Copihan (It was so bad that I don’t even remember anything from the few seconds I’ve watched it)

– Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! (Potential incest, senseless battles, bunch of shallow characters)

– Tamayura: Hitotose (..A girl likes to take photos.. Why is this even..)

I think there won’t be any more new ones coming this season, so I better start catching up and damn, that mountain of episodes doesn’t help.

3 comments on “Autumn 2011: Anime I’ll be talking about (Part 3)

  1. I love me some Guilty Crown such a fun series so far, and yeah sadly it will get compared to Code Geass forever and ever while it might not be 100% original I still find it to be fun for now. I just want to see the story pick up! They have some amazing animation and music but the story needs something to boost it a bit more….Do you have a favorite character?! I really like Ayase xD

    Ohh yes agreed on Shana final season! Much like Index I really hope they give us a real damn ending but I always had fun watching Shana and yes her hair is so amazing when she is in fire mode! Now let’s see how the story actually plays out. I like this new “Yuji” but I have a feeling the ending will probably be either Shana killing Yuji or both of them dying in a dramatic battle, or we get a damn movie…

    Bento! OH MY GOD That series is so damn fun to watch, for anyone that wants a random story and over the top fights this is perfect for them. That said I am one of those people that love it, yeah even thou it doesn’t have a real solid story there is a bit of everything for people to watch and laugh at. I love the fighting! To me it feels like Kore wa zombie as far as “random plot” and comedy.

    Puzzle is almost like Bento! As far as the story goes, but there is something about the characters in puzzle that keep me wanting more! Have you seen episode four? There is a fun character named Anna gram ahaha it was amazing and dumb at the same time.

  2. @ Guilty Crown, I think the story is doing fine, it was much more action-packed than any other Anime of this season, well except for Mirai Nikki cause it’s just friggin crazy. But if you mean that the story ‘could become more interesting’ and in that case – very much agreed, atm. it’s really typical.. But like you said, fun to watch! As for the favourite char, I have none, but Gai is quite awesome, especially when he kicks ass with some theme music.

    @ SnS Yup, I expect a damn movie. Series like this just LOVE cliffhangers, so we can expect some dramatic death just to see that person get back to life for a sequel in which we’ll see a happy end or something equally bad.

    @ Ben-to Well, I’m not a biggest fan of senseless fights so I didn’t enjoy it as much. But still, I have no fucking idea what to expect from these fights, probably they’ll go Kenichi/Ippo on it and the main hero will just train in some realistic yet comedy filled scenes, or it will go batshit insane and the fights will be only about comedy and so the MC will remain as the loser who always gets his ass kicked but has a group of friends to fight with.

    @ Puzzle I’ve watched 1 so far, as I said I’m going to try going further for characters, as I obviously hate the main hero. Glad to hear that it gets better.

    @ Foshizzel long time no see xD

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