Awesome Dark Souls PvP Video (Devil May Cry style)

I hate Dark Souls’ pvp, I really do. Most of it comes down to using lame, overpowered techniques that makes pvp look like choking kittens to death. Good example: Walk of peace spell slows down in aoe to a degree that you can’t even dodge, in which case someone runs up to you and spams heavy pyromancy skills. Oh and of course, most of them have equipped the ‘Fog Ring’ which makes it impossible to lock-on them (Meaning any spell other than AoE is useless at this point). But that’s not everything, you can be invaded by Japanese players just like US.. There’s no server restriction on this side. Which means..  Getting hit when you actually see yourself blocking the guy.. Also frontal backstabs which in most cases equal kill on spot.

But what this guy shows is mostly pure duel pvp, except for the Axe chick who went ahead and healed herself (Black Phantoms – the invaders – can’t heal using flasks, so if you do that means you’re fighting to win, not for fun and ONLINE HONOUR).  Other than that, it looked wonderful and I probably should try going to that area and who knows, I might just change my mind.

Anyhow, that’s some awesome Vergil in Witch’s clothes and Iaito (katana) sword.

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