Autumn 2011 Season Top 6 Anime Openings

Good series usually have great soundtracks and this season doesn’t disappoint. With that Captain Obvious remark, let’s move on to what I consider *gasp* awesomest songs of the season!

6. Shakugan no Shana Final

“Light my Fire” – KOTOKO

Another song from KOTOKO, with the usual feeling to it: Starts fast, slows down and then explodes.  I really like that kind of pace, especially when the refrain is worth waiting for, as it does great job in bringing the serie’s fighting spirit full of motivation.  It went on the last spot mainly for typical scenes and rather boring character presentation. I’m so fed up with fading in/out characters, plus the ‘puzzle’ style at the end.. It just lacks the refreshing feeling. It’s well done, has a good song, but it’s nothing new. Moving on..

5. Persona 4 The Animation

“Sky’s the Limit” – Shihoko Hirata

About the song I can only say: the typical Persona opening theme. Both game and Anime have pretty damn similar tracks, it’s just that the last shows more personas less characters in comparison. But I don’t really mind, the song is good and has the adventure feeling to it, which fits the serie just perfectly. As for the scenes, the animation is flawless, but I liked the character presentation in the orginal op way more, mostly because of the silhouettes and mystery to them. Well, that being said, there’s not much more fresh material here, but atleast it’s only serie-wise apart from SnS.

4. Mirai Nikki

“Kuusou Mesorogiwi (空想メソロギヰ)” by Yousei Teikoku

Now here started the hard choices. I originally wanted to put it higher (well.. better spot) but eventually decided that it’s a bit too slow at times. The song itself is something I wouldn’t really listen to either. Together with the animation it does the great job of presenting the dark, depressing and murderous atmosphere, so I guess it’s like it should. The main advantage is that it’s very unique.. The scenes shown are quite mindfucking, but I suppose it will make much more sense after watching the whole serie.

3. UN-GO

“How to go” by school food punishment

SFP did marvelous job as always. The beautiful vocals, fast paced music and the surprisingly awesome refrain make the song just perfect. My only issue is – why use it for such an average serie. But I haven to admit, the style of scenes and overall animation fit it perfectly. Even though there’s not even one character I like in that show, I don’t mind seeing all of them the way they are during OP sequence. So basically, would definitely be my top 1 if there were any characters that I actually liked and an atmosphere that I’d feel, because that show is so typical atm that I have no idea what is it supposed to represent.

2. Guilty Crown

“My Dearest” by supercell

Now that’s some song with obvious, yet quite poetic feelings to it: Trust, hope, bravery, friendship, hint of love are all over it. Which defines the serie just perfectly. Vocals are great and the music doesn’t stay behind either. And just like in UN-GO it all goes straight to great and catchy refrain. Then comes the animation, it’s really well-done and smooth, with many swiftly-changing elements in the background so it doesn’t get boring. My only issue is with the characters presentation, it took a big chunk of the opening’s time and it didn’t convince me much as at the beginning it was quite static, there should be way more to the fighting scene rather than destroying one random mecha.  Now, the winner is.. (you most likely know what at this point, lol)

1. Fate/Zero

“oath sign” by LiSA

The song starts to get catchy with the very first sentence, it just flows beautifully and picks up the pace. The music is rather average until it hits the long and fabulous refrain with the violin added to it.  The animation doesn’t get static, it’s liquid from the very beginning to the very end. Characters are presented almost perfectly: even though the whole ‘cuts from the Anime’ style is not very unique, they still picked the most meaningful ones that describe the characters in simple and convincing way. It’s hard to find any mistakes here, so I consider the spot well-deserved.

Download info: Gendou uploads the new songs faster than any other site, so just register and wait patiently until they’re avaible. (Some TV short versions are already out!)

And that would be it, I’m thinking about the Endings but quite frankly, there are very few good ones so I doubt there’s sense in making top 4 or anything like that.. Oh well, can’t wait for the mentioned series’ second openings!

3 comments on “Autumn 2011 Season Top 6 Anime Openings

  1. ooooh nice top 6 list! I do love that Shana final opening, one thing JC Staff does well are the opening animation and great music! Un GO has a another cool opening reminds me of C just based on visuals :D

    My list probably would be like

    6- Persona4
    5- Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
    4- Guilty Crown
    3- Shana Final
    2- Fate/Zero
    1- Gundam AGE

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