‘The Dark Soul’ is mine!

Who’s laughing now, From Software?

The video game that challenged my patience like no other. Kept spitting in my face, dragging my hair and hitting with a spoon – but finally, I’ve bested it! .. By completing every single achievment it had to offer.

It was a long and tough road to glory.. And the fun thing is, the dead end is still out of sight (So far I’ve spent 160 hours in it). I have yet to complete the game in more challenging manner and my current goal is to finish it on Soul Level 1.

So yeah, like a damn neanderthal man running around with club and hitting demons for poor damage in the dark fantasy world that includes Dragon Vaginas who would love to have me inside (Okay I think I crossed the line there). And then I will probably try beating the NG+ mode still keeping SL1 and fighting only by using fist weapons. Sounds like a masochistic scheme to you? Well, not to Dark Souls players, the longer we play it, the more wicked we get.

Coming back to the achievment: It’s my first PS3 Platinum so I can’t compare, but I must say it was a bit horrible at times. Requiered some grinding and what not, but I liked the whole ‘planning ahead’ aspect of it. I actually made a to-do list and with each next checked thing I felt more and more satisfaction until eventually reaching the goal. It didn’t take long and it all depends on the game world’s knowledge, so I recommend it to everyone who went through first playthrough and still doesn’t feel like he had enough.

Well, now that I get enough of Dark Souls, I’m going back to Demon’s Souls for the platinum. Before I know it, GW2 will be out! (…Or it will be closer to the release date! Yeah! Optimism ftw)

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