Autumn 2011 Anime: Community’s Impressions

Unfortunately, Anime is one of these hobbies that are like the sea, unless you know how to swim, you will end up on the shore with most people. And by that I mean it’s very easy to catch a hype over something that’s simply bad, but it takes some effort to get to something better.

That’s why the Anime community is full of crazy people who would feel great about recommending you Bleach or Fairy Tail. But that’s mostly because they’re childish, it can get much worse than that.. Let’s look how the latest series turned out rating-wise on

1. Fate/Zero  8,81/ 10

2. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi S2 8,61/ 10

3. Mirai Nikki 8,38/ 10

4. Shakugan no Shana III (Final)  8,27/ 10

5. Guilty Crown 8,05/ 10

6. Hunter x Hunter (2011) 8,00/ 10

7. Chihayafuru 7,98/ 10

8. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 7,87/ 10

9. Persona 4 The Animation 7,82/ 10

10. Ben-to 7,55/ 10

11. UN-GO 7,33/ 10

12. Tamayura: Hitotose 7,28/ 10

13.  Kimi to Boku 7,26/ 10

14. Mashiroiro Symphony: The Color of Lovers  7,20/ 10

15. Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle 7,17/ 10

16. Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! 7,11/ 10

17. Mobile Suit Gundam AGE 6,73/ 10

18. Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 6,50/ 10

Now let’s see what happened here…

first spot is definitely well-deserved because F/Z is way more exciting than the rest, with Mirai Nikki being quite close to it yet lower because of the lame MC and cheap CGI. And then sudden ‘what the hell happened here’ – Yaoi show on the second spot? The only reason that could happen is because the only people who rate it are either gay or yaoifangirls, and both groups just love the show for having that kind of theme with a MALE TSUNDERE protagonist. I can’t help it but feel that it stole the spot of Mirai Nikki. Then  Shakugan no Shana with rating 8,27? Ugh, I guess just because it’s Shana it gets instant 8+.. Even though the plot went for cheap turn-around and drama, I have hard time getting into it, comedy got killed and the action scenes so far were really predictable and overall boring, I imagine HxH to be the true owner of this spot. Next is Guilty Crown, our full of cliché yet fun to watch show – the spot is deserved, but then my question is: Why Persona 4 went all the way down to 9th? It’s way more orginal than any show except for the first three, with truly amazing animation and character development. Imo it definitely should switch spots with SnS(next to HxH), but that’s so not going to happen. Perhaps P4 is going to jump higher with the second half of the episodes, but I don’t expect miracles here, the show is getting really underestimated. Well, it’s under generic harem Anime with comedy and friends theme.. There’s definitely something wrong here.

Another surprise here is UN-GO getting that low score. I don’t enjoy it much myself, it’s damn confusing and the main character’s design kind of fails, but still it gets your brain running and delivers bunch of twists. It should be next to Ben-to for that matter, or above, since Ben-to went for the basic cheap-comedy with bunch of fighting scenes setting with no plot on the horizon.  But it depends on the taste so to be objective, they definitely should share the spot.

When it comes to my experience with MAL, when something is below 7,3 score then it’s simply not worth checking. When it’s very close to 9, then definitely must-try, and the most tricky of all: 7,4-8,7 range.. It’s where all the most taste-dependant shows go. That’s the part where everyone has to brace themselves for huge disappointments.  Like for example, forced-yaoi show is way higher than a psychological thriller with unique plot. That’s just how it is when the show is created for a strict audience, everyone who watches it instantly ranks it high.

The best solution here is to watch everything in-between and just decide yourself whether it’s just an overhyped show with bunch of disadvantages that people ignore because it fits their tastes, or something orginal but yet not scored too high because it has a very wide audience and the tastes wary. The only thing I can ask you, MAL users: Include your taste in your ratings, but don’t forget to be objective about it.

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