Persona 4 The Animation: Social Links – Episode 5

I was really curious how it would turn out.  And I’m surprised in the good way, the whole relationship thing became way more complex. Basically what happens here and not in the game: main heroes have impact on the social links’ characters, so it’s all nicely connected as obviously there are no choices to make in comparison to PS2..

For example, Chie introduced Yuu to the baseball club. And of course for the sake of nostalgia, the emote of ‘happiness’ straight from the game.

Poor Yuu holding himself back from slashing her face with the persona card. Ebihara Ai had it coming for a long time.

The main story had some minor movement aswell. So far it looks like they just mix things up so the storytelling feels more fluent. Adachi getting punched in the face certainly made the scene feel more important.

Narukami is going out with the bitchy girl even though it’s all out of pity. Or perhaps he just wants his Personas to be stronger.  Yeah, he’s that badass when you think about it.

Jealousy, love, hate, four different arcanas: This scene has it all. Truth is, leveling SL would be so much more enjoyable if main characters would butt-in sometimes so that you could level more than one at once. Well, since it’s Anime noone cares about RPG aspects and they actually do that.

Aaand here we go, next two captured. Narukami in Anime has it too easy. Casual bastard.

So summing up, I enjoyed the episode way more than I expected considering the lack of action/major plot development. Mostly because it felt fresh thanks to mix-up thing. If the ‘between plot’ episodes will be all like that, then I must say there’s bright future for P4 the Animation ahead.

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