Autumn 2011 Anime: Progress update

In some cases nothing changed: Ben-to, Kami no Puzzle and UN-GO are pretty much the same, Kimi to Boku is still an average show with very slight comedy setting,  Hunter x Hunter and P4  have the fresh feeling to them and they can be surprising at times, but that’s also nothing new. Yet it turns out that I underestimated a few other series:


Starting with a show that I made a mistake to ignore; I wasn’t even going to try it, but then the surprisingly high spot in the MAL ratings made me reconsider. And after the first episode, I realised that I liked it yet I didn’t know for what reason. After watching the second, it became quite apparent: A cute, clueless heroine and a simple yet somehow compelling plot. That’s all it took to convince me that it’s worth watching. Feels like a great replacement for Natsume Yuujinchou and its repetive story. It’s amusing how lively it feels and even though they play this silly-looking karuta card game, it’s still interesting because of all the emotions characters put into it.

Now, about the shows I mentioned in previous posts:


I expected it to be great, but I didn’t know I’d be waiting so impatiently for it. At first it just gave the feeling of complexity and intrigue, but as it soon turned out, there was much more to it. And by that I mean epic action scenes and twists. I seriously didn’t expect for the combat itself to be that thoughtful. Also, every Servant shows completely different morality, one is loyal while other feels so much pride that he considers himself the master. It’s just awesome how much they’ve focused on details, it’s going to be a long road full of epicness.

Mirai Nikki

Ok, so I expected it to be crazy and brutal with blood splatter all over. But I’d never figure that main character is going to grow balls. It took me 5 episodes to realise that there’s some major character development taking place. And it’s not only Yukki but also Ninth. Because of that, both mystery and complexity cloud the serie. We can expect just about anything to happen in a few episodes and hell knows who we’ll be cheering on.  So yeah, if you ask me, that’s psychological batshit crazy Anime going right.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

By far, the biggest surprise. At first I expected it to be a comedy harem with typical school club theme. And well.. I was right, except for the typical part. It might be the first ever harem that’s actually funny and doesn’t use bunch of cliche stereotypes to force it. I’m 5 episodes in, and I laughed quite a bit, we already had: Monster Hunter references, Eroge playing and mockery of people who get too much into it, Other Anime Series parodies – that’s a big thing, we had Gundams, Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai reference and some more that I’m unable to name. There was even MMORPG episode! So basically a serie that parodies both games and Anime! Rare and highly enjoyable. But it’s a slippery slope, at some point it might turn to pure harem crap where most of the ‘comedy’ comes from one character going emotional on another. But for now, let’s hope it will go more in the Lucky Star direction.

When it comes to disappointments, so far Shakugan no Shana Final is the serie that keeps getting worse. It’s just crazy how boring it became.. I’m going to watch it to the very end just because I’ve seen first two series, but honestly, no matter how wonderful the ending is going to be, I definitely won’t recommend watching it.

That would be all, proud of ya, Autumn.

2 comments on “Autumn 2011 Anime: Progress update

  1. Fate/Zero! Defiantly a fun series so far filled with lots of amazing characters, Ryder is one of my favorites and probably everyone else of course… I do enjoy the animation so far really impressive compared to something like Guilty Crown, but that is more about personal tastes than anything.

    Mirai Nikki another additive series thanks to Yuno mostly she always makes each episode interesting, at least in the current episode we saw Yuki do something for once! But ya stay for the crazy girl and violence hahaha.

    Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai! Mannnn I agree with you on this it came out of no where and I thought it was going to be a giant ball of lame, but it actually is very entertaining to watch. The best moments are always between Sena and Yozora when those two start to pick at each other it always turns out to be somewhat funny, but also a bit annoying too….

    • I’m having a hard time picking favourite in Fate/Zero, but man, do I love seeing Saber in black suit! And I think there’s no taste dependency when it comes to the animation, Fate/zero triumphs Guilty crown easily. Different story with OST though, so far I think GC wins in that aspect.

      Yuuup, when Yuno *spoiler* was about to get raped I was going ‘HURRY THE FU** UP DUMB YUKKI!’, It’s amazing how much we appreciate murderous girls.

      Yeah the whole Sena and Yozora thing is a double-edged sword, when it comes to games and PKing each other – it’s funny, but when they keep going at it every minute it’s getting really repetitive and annoying..

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