Got into DoTa 2 Beta!

Six days ago I’ve received the marvelous gift from Steam: DoTa 2 invitation plus two bonus keys to give away. I think that explains why I don’t post too often! The game itself is great and it’s only in the beta stage, as expected Valve and IceFrog made it pretty and fixed all the issues with the orginal DoTa, while keeping the overall feeling.

Advantages in comparison to other MOBA games:

– Matchmaking system that’s fair: It tries to look for people in your experience range and the longer you’re in queue, the wider the search. So in case you’d like to play only with people on your level, you can always cancel out and try again.

– Heroes are very nicely balanced.

– Without a doubt, DoTa 2 is more challenging than any other MOBA game.

– Incredible voice-overs with lots of different lines, your hero talks when he denies a creep, when you make an end-game item, when you kill some specific heroes it can even talk to the enemy. Also, you hear a lot of lines from other allies too!

– Graphics are cartoonish, most of the heroes look neat and legit, following the general idea from DoTa but with somehow changed appearance. For example Zeus isn’t a dwarf with two hammers but instead he’s a small human-like, white-haired god with light blue gloves, a cape and shining eyes.

– Shop system needs some fixes but otherwise it’s good, you can easily find items basing on their ‘rarity’, the cheapest upgrades are green and the strongest orb effect ones are gold and each type is in different tab.
But the game also has some faults, hopefully after the beta some things will change :

– The user interface can be very confusing: I still don’t know how to pause the game, I still have trouble checking people’s levels because every font is so unnecessarily small, I didn’t know that you can instant level an ability with CTRL button as there are no hints during loading screen, upgrading courier is also hard for first-timers as it’s only in the shop and AFAIK nowhere else. Towers’ HP can be confusing aswell.

– The graphics can be a double-edged sword, they are pretty but hard to get into at first and a bit tiring for eyes.

– Puck’s ability to teleport to its orb is now a separate button, which is damn confusing and completely unnecessary.

– For the moment the game is way too hard for new players to begin their journey in the genre. But that’s to be expected during Beta.

– Placing wards can be very confusing, the terrain in fog doesn’t seem obvious as to where you can actually place it, so before you memorise the spots you will get spammed with ‘Invalid spot for ward’ message.

So these are my issues with the game at the moment. Of course things like ‘hints’ and ‘tutorials for beginners’ will certainly get into the game sooner or later, I just hope the interface will undergo some major changes though. It’s really pain in the ass and it should be way more clear and user friendly for a game that focuses on MOBA system. Nevertheless, from what we can see right now, there’s no LoL/HoN that can stand in DoTa2’s way. It all goes down to having money to pay for the better game.

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