Steins;Gate Review

Type: TV (Based off VN)

Episodes: 24

Genres: Sci-fi, Thriller

Score: 3.8 / 5.0

It took me a while to touch the famous Steins;Gate that everyone talks about lately, we all know how it is: the more people praise it all around us, the less we’re motivated to check it ourselves. It’s like wearing the same t-shirt as your twin – you might like it too, but until you get it first it feels awkward to get into it later. And the fact that most anime fans you know mention it every two minutes doesn’t help either.

The hardest wall to break was the relation to chaoS;Head, the serie that I proudly give the lowest possible score for being so bad that it’s existence is a proof that something can always get worse. But oh well, low on the Anime fuel, not much to watch, might aswell force myself and give it a chance..

And as it usually goes in this case, I turned out enjoying it. At the very beginning you can see that lots of stuff is going on, that it’s complex and gets your brain working, but at the beginning it’s rather slow-paced. You get to see a bunch of different characters, most of them stereotypical. The comedy is slightly awkward, but it gets some nice comebacks with references to different IRL subcultures (Yes you, geek who reads anime review on a blog) that anime fans can easily relate to (@chan being 2chan I suppose).  That stage drags for a while, rotating between side characters to introduce their sideplots, and eventually we reach a plot twist that gets the main storyline do a rather bold step forward: Time travel; or rather, sending messages to the past to change the events in the current ‘world line’.

Now this is where things get quite chaotic. The show gets way more exciting and intriguing, but at once it starts drilling holes in the plot, as it presents a  ‘fresh’ design of world and different time lines in it. After a while you get to realise that the show follows very strict waypoints, and what happens in between doesn’t always make sense. And let’s face it, Anime that focuses on logic shouldn’t get sloppy in the plot sense. Like for example,  the show explains to you that there are many realities and each decision creates a new pair: That’s logical. BUT, the characters just keep acting as if there was only ONE timeline, they don’t even touch the most important subject of ‘what happens in the current world to the person who jumps to the past’ until late part of the serie. Why? Because it’s easier to just throw cool scientific stuff in your face so you realise it’s actually deep, but when it comes to practical part: A must go to B, how? Whatever!

I enjoyed most of the plot twists, they were hard (and nearly impossible) to figure out beforehand, so the show kept you wondering. So main plot did have major flaws, but still it was fun to watch. Can’t say the same about characters’ sideplots. These were boring and I can frankly say: the only person in the show that I wanted to know more about was Makise Kurisu, she was a genious tsundere AND a nerd. Unusual combo if you ask me.  I disliked where her ‘route’ went though, it turned out really lame. But still, if it wasn’t for her, I doubt I’d enjoy the show.

So my conclusion for the serie: It had a good start with compelling main story, most characters and their sideplots were quite bad though. So the whole middle of the serie was fun because of the plot twists storm, but it felt like they put in too many boring characters for that kind of a show. Because of that you could easily guess it was based off a game. The ending was rather satisfying until the final scene which went the most obvious way. It was a fun ride, but definitely a one-time journey, so to everyone loving and giving it 10/10 scores, I can only say: sit and think about it.. It is truly overhyped.

TL:DR version


– Intriguing main-plot,

– Easy to watch,

– Quite a few references and memorable scenes,

– Makes science to look fun,

– Awesome tsundere character.


– It’s focused on a complex theory of time travel and it opens the serie to massive plot holes,

– It gets lazy at times and skips important scenes or pays too little attention to it,

– Cliches, especially when it comes to characters,

– Lame endings of the subplots,

– Is a one-time serie, there’s not much to come back to once you know the main plot, no mysteries in sideplots as they were all finished.

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