[OST] Mirai Nikki: Inspired Album Vol.1 (MP3)

Release Date: Nov 23, 2011

Performed by: Yousei Teikoku, OLDCODEX, Faylan, Choucho, Mai Aizawa, Annabel, Yuki, Nirgilis, Misuzu Togashi, Aki Hata

Score: 3,8/5,0

Track list:

01 Kuusou Mythology (TV Size)
02 EGOIST (Deus no Theme)
03 reject (Uryuu Minene no Theme ~Shoudou~)
04 RED love (Gasai Yuno no Theme ~Massatsu Ai~)
05 Happy Fate (Gasai Yuno no Theme ~Koukotsu Ai~)
06 Manemigoto (Uryuu Minene no Theme ~Bakusatsu~)
07 perfect trap (Houjou Reisuke no Theme)
08 Never End (Hino Hinata no Theme)
09 Ubiquitous (Murmur no Theme)
10 Kimi ga Kimi no Jinsei no Shuyaku Dakara Mune wo Hatte Aruke (Amano Yukiteru no Theme)
11 THIRD/Antares Cr302 (Hiyama Takao no Theme)
12 Blood teller (TV Size)


If you enjoy the album and/or wish to obtain it legally, you can do that here.


Excluding the opening and ending sequences, there are 10 character themes present on the CD. Pretty much all of them are fast-paced j-rock pieces. As the artists list is quite big, every song has different feeling to it.  No.2 does a good job in presenting a rather serious and dangerous atmosphere. No.3 sounds like a standard-ish j-rock, it’s okay, but it lacks the unique element. No.4, the first Yuno theme I really like for its mixed nature: it’s a bit crazy but also motivating and emotional, which fits the character just perfectly. No. 5 is once again Gasai’s theme song, but this time it goes completely in the light j-pop direction,  I suppose it’s to represent two sides to our mad stalker. The song itself is pretty standard for the genre, it’s peaceful and easy to listen to.  No.6 is the second theme for Uryuu, like in the previous example, this time it’s j-pop version, I especially enjoy the vocals in this one. No.7 gets the cake, it’s mysterious, absorbing with the great melody piece in the background plus by far the best vocals on the CD: both sweet and catchy, especially during the refrain. No. 08 is a quick track what keeps building up in a soft techno-like music, yet it leads to soft and frankly weak refrain, still it’s a fair track.  No.9 is the only song that I threw out of the window, it’s simply annoying, like the character herself.  No.10 gets surprisingly fast-paced music, considering it’s Yukiteru theme, but it’s nothing special, it feels rather dull with a fairly decent refrain. Finally no.11 shows a rather psychotic song that fits the Mirai Nikki’s feeling, the vocals are crazy, they sort of resemble insane thoughts that keep building up, then finally it gets to weird, hypnotising even refrain. The music in this piece is hard to describe: it’s intense and messy, as the song keeps changing its atmosphere drastically, I have no idea what it’s about – but then again I’m afraid to check not to spoil anything about the show.

So all in all, a good addition to my playlist. It’s not crazy good and the themes aren’t as great as the opening/ending sequences, but I certainly enjoy them playing in the background, as for the best tracks I’d choose (excluding first and last):

1. Perfect trap.

2. Red love


These three are definitely recommended to everyone who’s watching the show.

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