[OST] Fate/ Zero – OP Single Limited Edition – Oath Sign [MP3]

Release date: Nov 23, 2011

Performed by: LiSA

Score: 3,7/5,0



01 – Oath Sign
02 – Confidence Driver
03 – Namida Ryuuseigun
04 – oath sign – TV ver.-


01 – oath sign -“Fate/Zero” non-credit opening-


If you enjoy the album and/or wish to obtain it legally, you can do that here.


Even though it’s a limited edition that costs 420 yen more than the normal, the only difference is the Opening with no credits. I choose to be neutral about that fact in my review. So first we’ve got the full version of the opening song, my main worry was the content beyond the 1:30 mark, as I really liked the tv version for both being dynamic and  wonderful  instruments&vocal-wise. Turns out I like its development, it’s certainly better than the short version.  The next song on the CD – Confidence Driver is also a fast-paced track, but it lacks any particular feeling to it. There’s lots of shouting and I bet the singer has very healthy lungs, but the song isn’t really catchy plus it has quite a bit of engrish: Nananana EVERYDAY~ nananana IMAJINEESHON~ nanaanana my soul my soul nananana GURADYUEESHON~ .. Yeah, I really don’t dig it. The other new song is a slow-paced piece, it’s okay, but it’s pretty much standardish j-pop.  Lastly we’ve got the short version of the opening for haters of the full song.

Summing up, the only two tracks on my playlist are going to be Oath Sign and Namida Ryuuseigun, although the last might not last long, I’m certainly glad to have the first one.

Additional Info

The Fate/Zero OST comes out on 7th March.

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