[OST] Mirai Nikki: OP Single – Kuusou Mesologie [MP3]

Release date: Oct 26, 2011

Performed by: Yousei Teikoku

Score: 4,3/ 5,0


01 Kuusou Mesologie
02 The Creator
03 Kuusou Mesologie (instrumental)
04 The Creator (instrumental)


If you enjoy the album and/or wish to obtain it legally, you can do that here.


The Mirai Nikki’s opening sequence is both epic and intriguing, be it thanks to the symbolism or great song that flawlessly presents the atmosphere of the show. Long version of Kuusou Mesologie is certainly among the top tracks of the thriller genre, and even if you aren’t an anime music fan, you might enjoy the instrumental version for its awesome melody or simply for the crazy, psychopatic nature.  Finally we’ve got the bonus track called ‘The Creator’, it’s surprisingly good and I have Yuno in my mind all the time I listen to it, it’d fit just great for the character theme. Regretfully, the instrumental version takes out all the fun I can possibly have from listening to it, as the beats alone are pretty dull.

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