Happy New Year And Let’s Show Mayans That We Don’t Suck At Swimming

They say that New Year’s Eve is basically a preview for the next year, well, I’m sitting here being all  sick, feverish with my throat bursting in pain.. So I’m just going to pass on the thought that I’ll be DYING the whole next year. Fuck you Mayans, I said no. I hope you people enjoy your hanabi on the fresh air, because some of us probably won’t bother getting up bed, so ye, better enjoy your damn time, bastards.

Why am I even still typing, I feel damn horrible I should go to sleep.. *SIGH* Oh god that actually hurt..

Anyhow, let’s all wish for some damn good 2012th Anime series! Not like it matters, I just thought I should mention anime at some point.

2 comments on “Happy New Year And Let’s Show Mayans That We Don’t Suck At Swimming

  1. Happy new year velore hope your getting to filling better now
    oh!….. by the way i agree with your thoughts

    your right forget the dam Mayans i’m more worried about the state of our Government and
    society as a whole if anythings going to destroy this planet it’s mankind its self and the elitist
    in the wealthy government and privet sectors are the worst I say fear the horribly corrupt
    and unjust facetious Government/world leaders coming into absolute capitalistic power
    are the real threat

    the one world government (new world order of the ages) is coming and its very real my
    friend and a hell of a lot more dangerous than any unseen natural catastrophe at least
    with most natural catastrophes you die so fast you never will know what hit you unlike the
    evil people in power they have a whole host of ways torture you to death slowly and much
    more painfully inhuman than anything you could ever imagine because they serve
    Satan that’s supreme lord of the eastern star order while he’s here on earth in the flesh

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