First impressions: Kill Me Baby, BRAVE 10, Senki Zesshou Symphogear, Mouretsu Pirates, Recorder to Randoseru

Finally a glimpse into this winter’s season, nothing shocking here so far, but there’s a bunch of series left so who knows.

Let’s see what we’ve got so far:

Kill Me Baby

When I first saw it on the winter chart I thought it has some comedy potential, that it would have crazy characters, exaggerated and random scenes that I wouldn’t predict resulting in a burst of laughter. And what did I get? An Anime that’s WAY overextended to 20min per episode about the most cliche comedy scenes one could imagine in a show with a student assassin. If there’s anything that actually brought a smile to my face, it’s this part of the opening sequence, I could just sit here and unconciously evaporate my brain while watching it for 10 minutes straight and that still would be better than watching the actual show.

To be more precise, most of the comedy includes assassin instinct and the way she reacts to the sudden greetings etc. (Oh you wouldn’t guess that she actually attacks in that case, now would you), other than that it turns out she’s a scaredy cat, so there’s that. Finally we’ve got a ninja character who’s doing all the fancy stuff we saw in Naruto, but when it comes to showing how to do it, everything turns out to be a scam. So as you can see, very basic, elementary even comedy setting that won’t make you laugh out loud. I’ll keep on going with a high chance of dropping it anytime soon.


Normally I’d say that it was surprisingly good, but after seeing the trailer for it, I’m not surprised it turned out well. All the elements are above average: Animation, music, plot, characters and even the comedy. So far as the story goes: Main protagonist meets a girl who’s being hunted, helps her out and then.. Tries to ditch her. Appearently when someone’s chased by a group of assassins it’s better to look the other way, but of course the girl and her pushy attitude makes it so he follows her like a guard dog in no time. So far so typical, but soon after it turns out she has a power to kill everything in an area of effect, so we have that for a unique taste. Okay but what about the ‘brave 10’? One of the lords decided to gather 10 mighty heroes to fight some kind of villain who hunts the girl after finding out her secret.

For the action part, every ‘hero’ has some sort of special abilities and weapons, for example the protagonist has a sword with inscribed runes that light up when he uses techniques. Other than that, we’ve got a ninja guy who’s throwing lots of needles, so I suppose we will find out about him more, unless his special technique is making ramen. Finally the comedy is the relieve-the-heavy-pressure kind that shifts the atmosphere really quick. And it does its job perfectly as two or three comedy scenes in the first episode made me laugh more than the 20 minutes of Kill Me Baby. Definitely following this one.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear

This show surprised me big time. I expected it to be like Macross Frontier: Bad plot, great music, quite good action scenes, but it went in completely different direction. At first it went full MF: a sparkling concert with the two ‘main’ characters, and things went wrong right away, suddenly alien creatures appear out of nowhere and literally slaughter the audience running in panic. The two singers turn into some kind of crazy gear sailor moon and start using their special techniques in an attempt to save people. Now the surprise element didn’t end here, the red chick went a bit too far with her show-off and ran out of battery, so she used THE FINAL SONG to save a random girl and die herself.

So as far as plot is concerned, it’s going all crazy and gore. The first few minutes of the show someone going to the grave of the girl who was saved by the red singer’s suicide! What the hell! Stop dying damnit?! I can’t even figure out who’s the protagonist anymore. It’s like Claymore except Clare dies in the first damn episode. But let’s leave that for now, story is definitely intriguing and interesting, so how about the animation? It’s awesome, no lazy CGI, everything is properly animated and fun to watch. My only issue is the singing part.. It just feels dumb. Other than that, I want to see more.

Mouretsu Pirates

This one turned out as average as i expected it to. Main protagonist is a girl who’s talented in flying ships and she finds out that her family are actually space pirates, so with the passing of her father, she’s the next in the charge of a pirate ship. I wouldn’t mind the plot if she wasn’t so damn dull and trait-less. Okay,  she’s working at the maid cafe and a member of a yacht club in her high school so it’s safe to assume she’s energetic, but that’s as far as her personality goes in the first episode. When two pirates approach her to inform about her soon-to-be-position, the first thing she does is searching for ‘pirates’ in google.

There was a single action scene, but it was so damn lazy that it all went down to a single flash, so I guess space battles won’t be all that much fun to watch. Characters didn’t leave any lasting impression and so did music. The overall style doesn’t fit my taste at all, space pirates in the casual sea pirates clothing? Get the fuck outta room, there’s a reason why Firefly didn’t do that, and the worst part is: you can see her high school skirt under the pirate clothes.  Ughhh.. Going to check it out for one or two more episodes but it’s a 90% drop.

Recorder to Randoseru

It takes some talent to make a 3 minute episode and ruin the single comedy scene in it. That’s pretty much what happened here:  forced comedy. It’s like someone got the idea of parodying the fact that in Anime 18 years old can look exactly the same as 12, but then went for a simplistic pedophile joke that didn’t even play out right. So yeah, it’s for the grown up audience and it’s not even funny. *sigh* I wonder how many 3 minute disappointments it’s going to take so I drop it?

Okay so the conclusion of this season so far: Average. And since I don’t watch anything ‘on the side’ that has an unreasonable amount of episodes, I guess I will have to keep watching all of it until it starts to hurt forcing me to drop. Heh, fun times. Soon next batch of the new Anime’s first impressions.

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