First Impressions: Another, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, Rinne no Lagrange, Ano Natsu De Matteru, Area no Kishi

Whoa. The season was rather weak at the beginning, but now that I’ve checked rest of the shows, this looks so damn good!


It’s another mystery horror (Ha ha). So far it’s neither gore or crazy.. It just stinks with death and surely is mysterious to the bone. I must say I like that setting, after all I’d rather have a show with a nasty secret rather than another (…) one with brutal scenes of murder that make no sense until end of the serie. My point is, we had Higurashi, now it’s time for something fresh, and the first episode surely felt like something new, especially with all the creepy dismembered dolls appearing out of nowhere.


So the plot got me intrigued, I started wondering why is she ‘another’ and what it can mean. Then again, it doesn’t seem like the classmates can see her, which makes the protagonist seem like a special person who did something in the past that he doesn’t remember. But what? And why did they question whether or not he lived in this town before?.. MYSTERY! And I like that, everything so far makes sense, but I expect a supernatural twist.

Then comes the music and animation, both fit perfectly except for the opening sequence.. I can’t help it but think that ALI PROJECT doesn’t suit that type of a show, so that’s the only disappointment I can think of so far. Can’t wait for ANOTHER episode, haha I’m on a(nother) funny streak.

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

The most popular show of the season is definitely Nisemonogatari, but as far as I’m concerned, Daily Lives of High School Boys takes the cake with a little effort. Why? Because the comedy is just brilliant and it’s like Gintama x High School Show, except it’s completely without any drama. In the first episode they already broke the fourth wall, parodied Gundams, scary stories and even boy-meets-girl-at-the-riverbank scene. So we’ve got a slightly crazy Anime that parodies other shows, it has no borders so we can expect .. Actually we don’t know what the hell to expect from each episode – which is great, and the humour itself doesn’t fail in making me giggle every scene. Not to forget the awesome seiyuu squad, we’ve got Gintoki and Sougo from Gintama and Haku from Spirited Away as the main characters. It’s like a birthday cake with cool people on it.

You know shit is getting serious when it jumps to black and white

It’s rather obvious that the plot doesn’t exist, as for the art – it’s friggin’ good,  the most amazing thing here are the expressions.. You already know how it goes if you watched Gintama, or any other comedy with this unusual style.. Basically it’s all about the shadows that cover eyes when someone’s angry or hurt, ‘just died’ sight when in shock, plus lots of deliquent faces and what-not. These reactions together with swift animation are funny themselves even when parody is not in town.

So that’s definitely my winner of the season, I just love good comedies.

Rinne no Lagrange

Oh and before I start..

Yes, main heroine is also called Madoka, thanks god we're past that now

I expected it to be a comedy with some crazy fights and what-not, but turns out it’s actually serious and it has very faint humour in it. I must say I enjoyed it quite a bit, it felt like Star Driver gone right: Cute female characters, plot that’s simplistic and doesn’t yell ‘LOOK HOW DEEP I AM, CAN YOU FEEL IT’, visually it’s fucking gorgeous, random mecha fights that aren’t really exciting but who cares with this animation and finally – it has this genki and tomodachi atmosphere to it that makes the show easy to watch.

Aw boy, you got beaten by a girl, now that's going to leave some damage

Without a doubt it’s the best serie of the winter when it comes to graphics, everything is so beautifully detailed and the characters’ bodies don’t change their properties in each scene. Music is definitely good, but I’m not quite sure yet if it’s going to get better or not, left me with a good impression though. So summing up: Epic art, yummy main characters, average plot and music and an cheerful atmosphere that you’ve felt in many other shows with faint yet good comedy. Definitely going further with this one, looks like a fun ride.

Ano Natsu De Matteru

A romance piece with a high harem potential, but let’s be honest, the first girl rule never lets us down and with that said he’s so going for the red-haired alien chick. But I doubt he’s the only one who wants a piece of her..

Surprise buttsecks~

I can’t help it but feel the Ano Hi Mita vibe coming from this serie. It must be because of this art, which is very similar and the ‘group of friends’ plus one extraordinary girl theme, but instead of a ghost we’ve got alien and in place of drama there’s comedy. Which for me, is a damn great improvement as I’m getting tired of all the sad shows. Also I’m pretty sure every fan of Onegai Teacher is glad to see the reincarnation of the show. I must say I enjoyed it more than I expected, even though I don’t like the dull main character I definitely want to see more of the red-haired dere alien and her silly actions. The side characters also have some unique traits to them and in combination with the awkward situations caused by the alien chick I expect some decent comedy scenes. No doubt there’ll be some plot twists involved with the relationshippy part of the show, plus the closer look into each person in the film-making team, so that’s also something to look forward to.

So art is very friendly and fits this kind of show just right, the opening and ending sequences do a great job in presenting the atmosphere, plus I really like how unique they are. Story so far is the only thing I’m not excited about, the idea of recording a movie with bunch of high school friends is cool and all, but I’m concerned that love story might take a priority here, and that’s always bad news for a comedy addict like me. Anyhow, definitely going to see more.

Area no Kishi

I picked it up with no idea what to expect, as I always look the other way when sport anime are mentioned, this time I felt like giving it a go (Especially because I loved Hajime no Ippo and it took me a damn long time to convince myself to try Anime about boxing). Turns out it’s an awesome chil-out show. It’s definitely going to triumph Natsume Yuujinchou which I’m getting so fed on, and Area no Kishi seems to do a great job on the ‘getting interested’ part.  But that’s shounen’s influence.. They always have to be addicting in one way or another. In this case, I’m not curious whether or not the main character will become the best soccer player in the world, but I’m simply compelled by the interesting setting where the aniki seems to be concerned with his little brother’s dreams that he already gave up on, but at once he seems to be the ultimate rival for him. Add to that female childhood friend and a leg injury and there goes the story. We all know where this is going from this point on, so no surprises here, just an easy to watch show with some little fresh touch to it.

A relevant picture of Brazil going BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Animation, music and atmosphere are these of a good shounen, so it’s not awesome like in FMA but it’s definitely much better than the average. Story is simplistic with some comedy in it and characters are interesting. No idea how many episodes it’s supposed to have though, so as long as it’s not overextended and doesn’t go bad, I’ll just keep watching it as a bedtime Anime.

Hopefully you’re as excited as me to see more of these!

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