|OST| Mirai Nikki Original Soundtrack vol.1 [MP3]

Release date: Dec 22, 2011

Performed by: Kaitou Tatsuya

Score: 3.2/ 5.0


01 Shinri no Tobira Ga Hirakareta
02 Ugokidasu Yokan
03 Tenkai Rhythmination
04 Nounai Trance
05 Gusha e no Sesewarawai
06 Ingaritsu no Michibiki no Mama Ni
07 Zetsubou wa Mousugu Soko Ni
08 Norikoeru Beki wa Satsugai Kyoufu
09 Accelerator mind
10 Konran Culture


If you enjoy the album and/or wish to obtain it legally, you can do that here.


Long awaited soundtrack filled with bloodlust and Mirai Nikki’s murderous atmosphere. Well, the thing with soundtrack CDs is that they contain all the music from the serie, be it a 4-note piano piece that lasts for 15 sec or a great and swift track including many instruments that goes on for 4 minutes. In this case four out of ten landed in my playlist, the rest were simply too short, too simplistic or generally not fun to listen to. So starting with number 3, it’s a bit complex action track with a slight pump-up attitude, it’s nothing great but nevertheless gives the nostalgic feeling. The next piece is much more comfortable, it’s a slightly mysterious and hypnotising action music with a really nice flow.  Next soundtrack on my list is number 8, it’s most likely the most recognisable action piece out of all Mirai Nikki‘s sounds. I really loved it in Anime, but when I listen to it alone, it feels rather out of place and way too heavy. It has massive nostalgic feel to it so I keep listening to it though. The final piece on my playlist is the last track on the CD, even though it’s slower than the rest, it certainly is the one with the strongest Mirai Nikki feeling to it. I wish it wasn’t so repetetive, it could easily be the best piece but it’s pretty much the same thing over and over.

So summing up, the music is just awesome during the show, but as standalone tracks they’re not as powerful anymore and feel above average only because of the nostalgia coming from the show. But that’s to be expected, it’s just a background soundtrack after all, it’s still recommended for all fans of the serie.

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