I have found something wicked in Another..

An ‘Another’ interpretation that takes you through a maddening journey that puts all horror stories to shame.

First of all I’d like to warn you. This post is creepy and quite possibly dangerous for your mental health so browse through it with caution. You’ve been warned.

Shocking truth: Introduction of the main characters during the first episode had ONE MORE character that most of us ignored. Just look closely, it was there the whole time.. Silently watching

Certainly you know who I am talking about by now, yes, it’s..

…In this screencap aswell. Do you feel it? The rising suspense, the silent scream of a murderer chasing down it’s prey..

No wait! There are TWO! It’s a pack! Or is it..? I’m slowly losing my mind,  It’s just too terrifying!

There! You can’t really see it, but it’s there.. In this darkness it lurks, waiting for the right moment to leap, feeling it yet?

So now you know.. You know what to expect to be there, hidden underneath this whole time.. Now to be revealed..

(Pretty sure dots add to the suspense, so there)


They are many, sometimes they’re in packs, they drink blood and it’s not unusual to say ‘another sink’. Gotcha, mystery solved.

.. And yes. before you ask, I did watch the whole second episode looking for sinks in the background. Was fun.

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