Top Opening Sequences of Winter 2012

It took shorter than expected, the spots were well deserved and I had only a bit of doubt. This time I’ve included shows that I don’t watch, just to make sure I don’t miss something good!

10. Persona 4 OP 2 – “The way of Memories -Kizuna no Chikara- “

It started well, it ended great, also the idea was nice, yet the whole middle of the opening is just plainly boring. Like a Skrillex fan would say: ‘WHERE’S DROP?!’. The breaking point (aka the moment when it gets exciting) just doesn’t exist and the action scenes aren’t really making much difference when the song feels so empty with occasional good rhytm (that goes for the cool scene when the characters put on/off glasses).

9. Nisemonogatari OP 1.5 –  “Futakotome”

Typical for the series crazy typography plus random paper clips and finally Senjo flying around. Alike the previous nominee it was too lazy and lacked a certain jump in action. In this case we’ve atleast got a quite nice song covering it.

8. Natsume Yuujinchou Shi OP – “Ima, Kono Toki”

Even though this opening successfully delivered the background to the main story, it feels like a step backwards in comparison to its previous ones. This time around we’ve got sadness turning into happiness with a rather weak song. I don’t really feel like going through it more than once, whilst I couldn’t skip through sequences in the prequels.

7. Aquarion Evol OP – “Kimi no Shinwa ~ Aquarion Dai Ni Shou”

I don’t watch it so I’m not sure what feelings it should deliver, but it’s a step ahead with all the action and overall presentation. The music is good and the scenes are fun to watch. It’s not really sparkling with originality but honestly, it’s good enough, especially for an average show.

6. Area no Kishi OP – “Higher Ground”

It starts off like an average sports Anime opening, but the music is somehow addicting and the pace speeds up nicely. Once again, nothing unique here, but the cheerful atmosphere (as usually seen in the first op of a shounen) together with good song makes it the first from the bunch that I just don’t want to skip through.

5. Ano Natsu de Matteru OP – “sign”

And here we reach top five, where without any sign (Heh.) of originality no show shall pass. And my least favourite of these is a slow, yet slightly unique opening that just perfectly describes the show. I like the way it develops all the way through. As someone who’s not all that into romance/drama/comedy kind of series, I couldn’t place it in a better spot though.

4. Mirai Nikki OP 2 – “Dead END”

It just HURTS how much potential this opening killed, it could’ve easily been in the top 3. At first I was really impressed with the fresh look at the show, then it turned to slight excitement and then.. Boom, disappointment. It’s like.. They ran out of ideas middleway and just copy&pasted best Yuno scenes from the previous op just sped up and in different colour. I really enjoy the song, character presentation and overall atmosphere, yet the way they went about the refrain and Yuno makes me sad.

3. Nisemonogatari OP 2 – “marshmallow justice”

I love how well executed this opening is. The whole art, colorful style simply make me want to give Bakemonogatari a second chance..  It’s just a designgasm. I wish the singer would be different though..  A bit too harsh voice for my taste. But then again, I’d rather have that than ‘SO EVERYTHING THAT MAKES ME WHOLE‘ kind of thing.

2. Rinne no Lagrange OP – “TRY! Unite”

It was a hard choice, I wasn’t sure whether it deserve this spot or not because the song is way too feminine for my taste. Eventually I came to conclusion that the art style is so unique and pretty that it puts the previous openings to shame. The colorful nature and great quality of CGI easily made it one of the best.

And finally..

1. Guilty Crown OP 2 – “The Everlasting Guilty Crown”

I’m sure many of you would disagree as there are many strong opponents this season, but for me the song is definitely the most catchy out of all. I just can’t wait for it to come out. Add to it the poetic feeling, Shu who for once acts like a man, Inori being the regular hotness, really cool colouring style and the only thing it lacks in comparison to second and third place: quality boost. I wish the crystals looked better and all the effects aren’t exactly as good as they can be during action scenes. But meh, it’s still easily my favourite.. Even though I’m hating on the serie.

Hopefully you enjoyed these as much as I did. This season is now officialy a visual eye candy.

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