Collection update: Finally we’re getting somewhere!

My collection has reached the point when I can feel proud. My shelves look awesome now! Also I’ve finally made some photos of the DVD boxes that I was talking about lately.

So here’s a closer look at my shiny figurines:

Click for bigger image.

Revoltech EVA01 & EVA 02 + Revoltech Iron Man Mark V & Iron Man War Machine

When displaying figurines, there’s always this problem of keeping them standing, especially when they have weak bodies and can’t seem to do it on their own. In this case, EVA01 and EVA02 needed their podiums, so to make it look better I got the idea to make them fight each other so that they don’t fall down. Success! Still need to think of an alternative for Iron Man’s hand beams, these look pretty bad.

Click for bigger image.

Figutto Ryuuk

Ryuuku is the most expensive figurine in my collection. He’s bigger and way more detailed than the other figurines. A true piece of work, he even has wings that can be replaced with more black feathers (as seen on the shoulders). Plus an apple, his own Death Note on a chain, a half eaten apple and a separate Death Note so that you can kill some people too. It goes without saying that he deserved a shelf of his own. I’ve considered buying Kira from the same creator, but it was really weak looking so he’s going to be a bit of a loner, like my poor Illidan who’s camping my window.

Click for bigger image.

Figma Black Gold Saw, Akiyama Mio, Nakano Azusa

Here you can see how the standing problem can be easily solved. Obviously it doesn’t look too great, but with the Black Gold Saw in the background I think it creates a nice composition. Black Rock Shooter figurine woudl fit great in there though.. So that’s a plan for the future.

As for the DVD Boxes, as I said I’ve printed the covers on normal paper hoping it would look good. As it turns out, it doesn’t. It looks fine but quite far from what I wished for.  If you ever consider doing the same, make sure you print it on a glossy paper. My local printing shop didn’t have it, and it hurts that the covers look so plain. Anyhow, photoshopped the images a bit to recompensate for the poorly made photos:

So that’s more or less how it looks like. As you can imagine, with glossy paper and the cover images in high quality, you could make awesome boxes yourself. To make these I spent about $7, so I’d say it’s quite worth it!

2 comments on “Collection update: Finally we’re getting somewhere!

    • Thanks. Took a bit of work but was definitely worth it.

      Yeah, I’m picking figurines carefully to avoid running low on money.. I might end up with a pretty collection and an empty wallet before I know it.

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