Update on Winter 2012 Anime

Watching too many of these damn shows! Always trying to catch up, but then new episodes come out. *sigh*

And I have to admit, most of the series I considered ‘fine’ I’d describe with ‘meh’ now. Some of them I just struggle my way through, don’t ask me why, I’m mad and I might bite.

Anyhow, here’s what’s been going on:

Black Rock Shooter

Excited to see the TV series at first, but it didn’t live up to my expectations. It’s an extremelly popular title in Japan, and all the waiting for this? Not like it’s horrible, it’s  actually good, but with these characters and world design,  it could be much more. Instead, we’ve got battle scenes that are 90% CGI  (the crappy kind that tries to save itself by making blood a sparkling liquid). So if we cut the combat parts out, it’s just a school drama. Now all my hope goes for the potential figurines promoted by the show!

Thermae Romae

Anime about hot springs? Is there any that isn’t? But when we add time travel and an architect from ancient Rome things get a bit more interesting. The animation is really sloppy and the plot doesn’t even try to be clever, but the simplicity and light comedy did a great job keeping me interested for the whole 10 minutes of each episode. Frankly, that’s what I expected Kill Me Baby to be: short, simple and ever so often funny. In that area, Thermae Romae is not really great, but certainly good enough to give it a try.

Mirai Nikki: So far the biggest disappointment. It keeps going for forced drama, completely idiotic character/plot developments and the only reason I have to watch it (other than soundtrack and visual arts) is Yuno and Uryuu, crazy stalker murderer and a terrorist war veteran are too fun to be ignored, even if everything else goes to hell.

Brave 10: The first episode was surprisingly enjoyable for a typical fighting Anime, and the only thing I’d call below average was the soundtrack. Then they introduced more characters, and my interest in the show dropped rapidly. The graphic style is also getting on my nerves, it’s way too gloomy. Comedy scenes are quite fun, yet it can be horribly unoriginal – hot springs peeking, really? Even though there’s not much enjoyment involved, I will keep watching it as a get-sleepy-before-bed show.

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou: Not much to say here, it’s still among my favourites, but I hoped for more parody, random humour and less ‘girl gets angry’ scenes.

Guilty Crown: Asdasdafasfafdsgadsfas. That’s how I feel about the plot. I hoped for some cool development, but the highschool becoming a mafia with Shu in the centre? Blergh. Obviously they are trying to make him look badass as it’s his main character development, from a total confused idiot who’s scared to touch gun into a Gai who beats groups of thugs with his bare hands, but it is so predictable and typical that it annoys me. The show was a poor mix of different successful Anime all along and we know that, but even so, they still managed to make it even less interesting.

Another:  This one was fun all the way, but I really like the way the plot went. I was afraid that it would turn out to be incredibly simple, but each episode opens up a whole new room for speculation. I like how the creepy part is being pushed down by intrigue, as the show does a much better job in that area.

Area no Kishi: It started average with an emo protagonist who kept crying and an average sports anime plot, but now that it actually dropped the whole drama and went for actual match,  it finally feels a bit exciting. The whole teamplay/strategic part of soccer was delivered nicely, and out of sudden I feel like playing it.. Ah the magic of Anime.

Hunter x Hunter (2011) : I was afraid that it would continue with the silly ‘censorship everywhere’ policy, but seeing Gon lying on a floor covered in blood was a nice surprise. It’s a slight improvement, and it jumped to the funnier part of the Anime so that also added to the excitement. I just hope the incoming fights will do much better than in the original.

Shakugan no Shana Final: Just like with Index, I couldn’t bear watching so much meaningless bullshit with ninja magical nuns falling off the sky to wreck destruction. I used to like that show when it was focused on Shana figuring out how to beat the enemy, not some pulled out of butt war and a forced drama where two lovers fight each other. Zero excitement, zero fun, drop.

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!:I have no friggin idea what I expected after the first episode and the obvious ‘I want to rape my uncle’ atmosphere going on. I guess the drama got me interested and I wanted to see how a highschool kid is going to take care of 3 girls, but it all goes down to the idiotic ‘one of them is getting lost in the city and it starts raining, oh did I mention her phone battery ran out?’ kind of situations. It simply was too horrible.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear: A serie that’s about singing with worse soundtrack than most fighting Anime.. Plus the drama looked good at first, but it turned out rather annoying. It went seriously wrong, even though it had potential. Meh.

Mouretsu Pirates: It was just without any spice. Nothing interesting, most of the characters were  kakkoi-wannabes, while the main heroine was just ugly and boring. I should probably mention (once again) that she wears a skirt under her pirate costume. Jack Sparrow should put a bullet in that silly head.

Sooo summing up, it looked much better than it turned out to be. But there are quite a few enjoyable shows that will keep me going for a while. I seem to be watching a bunch of average shows, but as long as they don’t annoy, they can be a quite good sleeping pill, so that works too.

One comment on “Update on Winter 2012 Anime

  1. thankx for the summary! I thought Papakiki was kinda weird, guess i’m not wrong, am i! XD gonna go check out ‘another’ now, thankx again for the info! :D

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