Summing up Winter Season 2011/2012

Completely idiotic protagonists who get turned into badasses or Jesus’es, funny horror scenes, unfunny comedies, meaningless robots, drama girls, magical bullshit and finally ever so present: hot springs.

That sums up pretty much everything, but I wouldn’t miss the chance to bash the series separately. They soo deserve it!

Recently I posted an update about my feelings in middle of the shows, and since then things got only worse. Most of the hyped series went full retard and the few ones that are actually great were coming out for a while now.

Before I proceed with the hate train, here’s..

1. Chihayafuru – Go Chihaya! Definite Queen of this season. As a man, I’m completely satisfied with the cute, clumsy female protagonist who just makes me go all excited whenever she wins and completely sad for her whenever she loses. But that’s not the only reason for the success here, the faint, realistic drama and all the other characters made it all perfect. I should also mention the music, beautiful violin pieces together with the swift and flawless animation made the competetive karuta look more than just a sport. There’s just no place for disappointments or annoyment here, it’s a chillout Anime full of positive feelings. The whole show ended up being so heartwarming and satisfying that I wish it had twice as many episodes, so here’s my hope for a second season.

2. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – Definitely the best comedy of the season. It broke fourth wall a few times, did all these deliquent faces with really dumb yet surprisinly enjoyable scenes. It also did a great job portraying japanese culture in a funny way. Finally.. It was easy to watch and didn’t feel overextended. It got a bit worse in the middle, but that’s something to be expected  in straight comedies. Atleast that slot wasn’t filled with serious drama and character development  like they do it in Gintama.

3. Hunter x Hunter (2011) – For a while I was very skeptical, couldn’t get much enjoyment out of it. But when they got to the good parts it really showed off the improvement. I still think the original series had better soundtrack and overall atmosphere, but the remake did a great job in making it modern. At this point I’m pretty excited to see all the little changes and scenes in a new light. I just wonder how far they are planning to go with it.

Back to the hate train..

Another – Gotta begin with the biggest disappointment. I can’t imagine how it could get screwed up so badly. It started pretty good, it had this funny and forced ‘oh no I think I forgot my bento’ atmosphere going on, but we all kept watching interested in the plot. Now.. It was fine for the first few episodes when it was a mystery and we all made our own theories, but when they started unveiling it, everything went to hell. The whole tape getting stuck so the explanation gets shoved away to the next episode was just ridiculous move. But then two episodes later they do the exact same thing with Misaki trying to tell who’s the dead person.. That’s not how suspense should be, that’s just plainly obvious manipulation. It felt like a puppet show, you could see strings everywhere.

The whole horror and dying part was funny rather than scary or tragic. Falling off stairs and impaling throat on an umbrella? Not as dumb as getting hit in the head and then randomly instant-dying when going to pick up the ball at the beach. But the biggest bullshit of Another lied somewhere else.. The whole problem of this show was to find out who’s the dead person. Aaand as it turned out, Misaki knew it all along. Ba-doom tssss. Add to it the completely idiotic protagonist who couldn’t ever get answer to his questions (If he did, the whole mystery would be solved in the second episode), plus Misaki who wanted to be all cool and mysterious so much that she got whole class of kids dead. No matter how you look at it, she ends up being the villain here. It was obviously not intended as we were supposed to feel sorry for her all the way through, but the completely failed plot development made it impossible and the show itself deserves no praise whatsoever. Way to turn completely bad.

Mirai Nikki I wouldn’t say I had big expectations, but they still managed to make things much, much worse. Things got ridiculously bad at the time when we could (just like in Another) easily figure out why something happened. Yukki forgiving his father so easily that it’s just plainly impossible? Just so they kill him off right away and Yukki gets desperate to become god and resurrect him. It’s like the dumbest way to go about it. From that point on, everything seemed forced. Yukki slaughtering his friends without second thought? He’s totally not going to regret that in the next episode. The killing itself was based off completely dumb assumption that was nicely covered up with Yuno’s manipulation so we don’t see it. All I can see in that show is fail. Whole drama ever since episode 1 was forced and the only character I can say I truly liked all along was Uryuu Minene. Most of you would probably think Yuno, but she got rather annoying middleway, and at this point I wouldn’t mind if she dies in the last episode. Obviously heading for a happy ending, for me it’s going to be happy especially because the show is finally over.

Guilty Crown – Ugh, that soulless bastard. Since episode one the quality was only getting worse. Then suddenly tried to pick up on the last. Didn’t work, wasn’t convincing, we all knew Gai would be good all along and that Shoe was going to be some sort of Messiah. I think that itches me the most; the whole story ended up being ‘a boy follows his destiny to become a god who purifies the whole world and saves people from cancer’. I hoped he would end up dead, as it would make sense, but nope! Appearently when he absobs a small amount of cancer he’s getting sick but when he sucks it all at once from everyone it does nothing. Yay happy endings. Completely without any spice or excitement. My only regret is that I’ve watched it whole.

Rinne no Lagrange – I have to admit, main reasons to watch it were the beautiful art and animation. Then cute Lan came in and I was sold. But in the end, it wasn’t really worth it. Plot was too obvious, not enough yuri, music I don’t even remember and the action itself was pretty dull. It was nothing more than an average mecha show with cute girls. Now if we deleted the group of male bishounens it could be way better.. Then we’re just one female away from a beautiful show. Yes, you know who I mean, the big boob monster.

Persona 4 – As much as I wanted to like that show for succeeding to capture game’s spirit and turn it prettier with the same soundtrack and characters, the further it got the less compelling it became. It should still be a fairly good Anime for people who haven’t played it, but for me, all that rush, skipped battles and suddenly ignored social links made it quite damn boring. That said, I believe Persona 3 would end up being much better Anime as the plot alone was way more exciting. Overall I had mixed feelings all way through.

The other shows stayed pretty much the same as in the last update. Ano Natsu de Matteru is still the vary basic romance drama with some random stuff tossed in and atleast one person crying each episode, Area no Kishi is nothing special either, but there’s still some shounen-excitement following it, Kill Me Baby does get funny at times but it’s still waaay too long.

So the winter season was a bit tough to get through, as most of the shows got worse in the middle and it felt bad to drop at that point. Atleast we got Nichi-bros that’s one of the nicest comedies of 2011/12 so far, and second season of Fate/Zero coming right up. Optimistic? No, but certainly getting used to all of these let-downs since I started blogging. Will be more careful from now on and drop way earlier.

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