|OST| Chihayafuru Original Soundtrack + Character Songs (MP3)

Release Date: March 28, 2012

Performed by: 99RadioService, Mamoru Miyano, Ai Kayano, Tsubasa Yonaga, Asami Seto

Score: 4,7/5,0


01 – Youthful (Tv Size)
02 – Hangeki Kaishi!
03 – Nagare Wo Tsukame!
04 – Chiisana Miss
05 – Ikinuki Ni
06 – Ayashii Kumoyuki
07 – Kou Shoubu
08 – Kokoro No Kyori
09 – Shiai Ha Susunde
10 – Yureugoku Omoi
11 – Okashina Kankei
12 – Kyouteki Shutsugen!
13 – Haritsumeta Ito
14 – Meiun
15 – Zekkouchou!
16 – Shinsou No Koe
17 – Kattou
18 – Kanashimi No Haiboku
19 – Fight!
20 – Kousa Suru Omoi
21 – Mienai Teki
22 – Chiisana Daiji Na Koto
23 – Karuta To Tomo Ni
24 – Nando Mo Umarete Ha Kiete Iku Yuki No Youna Mono (Cv:Miyano Mamoru)
25 – Otome No Koi Ha Choumusubi (Cv:Kayano Ai)
26 – Jinsei Squat (Cv:Yonaga Tsubasa)
27 – Soshite Ima (Tv Size)


If you enjoy the album and/or wish to obtain it legally, you can do that here.


Oh god yes! Now that the show is over, atleast I will have the gorgeous music from it to mend the wound. While Guity Crown delivered one of the greatest Anime action soundtracks of all time, Chihayafuru presented a beautiful and peaceful set of instrumental pieces that are top tier.  Even though there’s no vocal (excluding character songs), each track radiates emotion and elegance.  The wide selection goes from swift and  joyful pieces to slower, deeper and suspenseful instrumentals.  I love the atmosphere, the instant moment the song starts playing I can imagine Chihaya playing Karuta in her colorful Kimono with her eyes shining brightly with motivation.. Ehhh.. Missing it already. In my score I pretty much skipped character songs.. As they simply never convince me. It’s probably the least satisfying part of any CD with OSTs.

Anyhow, glad to have another mastepiece. Now I can patiently wait for the next Chihayafuru season.. Because it HAS to come out damnit!

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