About Me:

So in short: I’m Polish and 21 years old , my hobbies include Anime/Video Games/Reddit/American TV Shows / Dolls Figurines. I made this blog so I can share  completely subjective and impure thoughts constructive criticism concerning current Anime series, video games but also to complain and finally post news and *cough* interesting stuff.  

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About WordPress:

jap. Mae ni Susume! means more or less ‘Advance forward!’. I found that phrase to be exceptionally fitting for a blog the very moment I heard it in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood  (In its deep meaning, it’s about Elric Brothers who keep moving on no matter how hopeless the situation gets, grasping as much hope as they can basing on their logical assumptions and trust in comrades who share the same goal).  So, what is it about?

1.Anime & Manga

a) Reviews.

b) New series introductions.

c) Parodies, fanarts, memes.

d) Recommendations.

e) Random whining posts!

2. But also MMORPGs/RPGs/MOBA games I play and can’t stay quiet about

a) Reviews

b) News

c) Opinions

d) Spilling manly tears

e) Helpful guides


Steam: velr0k
E-mail: v3lrok@gmail.com

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