Anime OST

Grading system:

4,5 – 5: Masterpiece
3,5-4,4: Easy to listen to, has the atmosphere of the show.
3-3,4:  Average for anime fan, your family and friends won’t love it though.
2 -3: It’s bad, now is the time to ask yourself why are you still listening to it.
1 -2:  Might aswell be deaf.

On-going Anime OSTs


Fate/ Zero

OP Single Limited Edition – Oath Sign

Mirai Nikki

 OP Single – Kuusou Mesologie

Inspired Album vol.1

Finished Anime OSTs


  OP Single – YOUTHFUL

Original Soundtrack + Character Songs

Guilty Crown

 ED Single – Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~

If you enjoy the music, purchase it legally to support the artists. For possible shops check the corresponding posts.

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