Darker Channel: Kyubey (aka QB)

/人 ‿‿ 人\

Today’s Darker Channel takes a look at the terrifying yet cute Kyubey, and you should be warned that this post might convince you to make a contract with the devil and turn you into mahou shoujo (or something nearly frightening). For more Madoka Magica / QB images check out previous Darker Channel dedicated to the whole serie.

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Darker Channel: Fate/Zero Parodies vol.1

Osu~! Today Darker Channel brings you a bunch of Fate/Zero images that might make you laugh. On second thought, just to be safe, it will atleast make you smile. When the second part of the serie comes out we I will post vol.2. As always, be wary of spoilers! (So be sure to watch episodes up to date first)

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Darker Channel: Madoka Magica Images/Parodies

Hai, it’s been a while since the last Darker Channel on MnS, so I’ve decided to do a grand comeback with one of the greatest series of the year, so heeeree we go, funniest images / fanarts / parodies that I’ve gathered over the months (If you haven’t watched the serie, be wary of heavy spoilers)

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Darker Channel – Aizen’s Form

Lately Darker Channel is getting spammed(trolled) with bunch of Naruto/Bleach references, memes and stuff, as appearently creators of these just won’t let it go and keep giving fans more ridiculous bullshitness. Can we ignore it? No, can we make it into something funny? Hell yes.

So this time, in Bleach chapter 403 Aizen gets nuked and as a result we see his new, regenerating form(cocoon or whatever). Some of you could think ‘What the fuck is that‘ (Ichigoway) while others may think ‘Ink truly is expensive‘.  (As obviously Kubo dislikes backgrounds). So that’s the orginal face without eyes, and that’s what people made out of it:

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Darker Channel – Kubo Tite

Next to Kishimoto, the most ridiculous manga writer ever. Where’s Kubo, there’s lulz. Noone knows if he creates all this bullshit just because he doesn’t have any ideas how to finish Bleach and he improvises (‘Lost‘ creators been there done that) or simply he cares as much to draw it as we do to read it. Either way, the meme is all about photoshopping his what-the-hell-did-he-want-to-express-there face. You got to admit, he looks almost cool and mighty. Well, nice try, Kubo.

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Darker Channel – What’s in the damn Box?!

New meme on the horizon! Kishimoto once again draws something so mysterious that it just simply can’t avoid being meme’d. What this time? In chapter 490 of Naruto, Kabuto asks Madara to join forces in exchange for his snakeboy Sasuke. In case Madara would refuse, Kabuto shows him a box with a dead person inside, to what Madara replies ‘You madman… How did you do this?!’, and we don’t get to see who it is. As you can imagine, meme was inevitable. So let’s see what we got here…

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