Collection update: Finally we’re getting somewhere!

My collection has reached the point when I can feel proud. My shelves look awesome now! Also I’ve finally made some photos of the DVD boxes that I was talking about lately.

So here’s a closer look at my shiny figurines:

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New year, new theme!

Okay, the header together with this background might look a bit too flashy so that’ s something to fix in the future, but it should satisfy me for some time. I’ve still got the issue with small content-display space, I wish I could hide widges when reading the full version of a post. Well, I still don’t pay a single cent for this blog so I suppose that’s as far as I can get to make it fit my taste.

Anyhow, hope you like it!

Happy New Year And Let’s Show Mayans That We Don’t Suck At Swimming

They say that New Year’s Eve is basically a preview for the next year, well, I’m sitting here being all  sick, feverish with my throat bursting in pain.. So I’m just going to pass on the thought that I’ll be DYING the whole next year. Fuck you Mayans, I said no. I hope you people enjoy your hanabi on the fresh air, because some of us probably won’t bother getting up bed, so ye, better enjoy your damn time, bastards.

Why am I even still typing, I feel damn horrible I should go to sleep.. *SIGH* Oh god that actually hurt..

Anyhow, let’s all wish for some damn good 2012th Anime series! Not like it matters, I just thought I should mention anime at some point.

New content: Anime OSTs!


Today’s news is brought to you by the look of disapproval. ಠ_ಠ

It simply amazes me, that for over 1,5 year I’ve been blogging about pretty much everything I like about Anime, and today I have this random train of thoughts: Anime Osts… Blog… Wait, what the fuck? I have K-On! characters in my logo, post friggin opening/ending toplists and I don’t actually talk about all the full versions, bonus tracks and most importantly: I don’t share it? Now that’s just stupid and needs my immediate attention. Not to mention that it can be hard to find some of the new tracks.

Thus, ladies and gentlemen, starting today, I will be sure to post all the great OST albums that come out, including download links. For the latest I’d like to mention, the site which users share lots of links, big thanks to you!

All the new OSTs will be archived at the top, in the ‘Anime OST’ category.

Sidenote: Adding an image to the sidebar displaying link to Darker Channel to increase awereness of its existence.

‘Mae ni Susume!’ comes back!

                                                           It’s new, better and more grown-up! (Ha, as if)

This little bloggy was a small project that was created so I could shout whatever the heck I wanted to concerning Anime and to get my english writing skills polished in the process. That part hasn’t changed much, but after taking the long break I’ve realised how much more there was to it. Writing stuff about series helps to organise thoughts, destroys the daily routine, brings some new innovation and creativity to it.

So long story short, a lot happened in the Anime world and I’ve missed talking about it! So here I am, back to the Blogosphere folks!

New Hobby! Making a Figurine Collection

The idea came out of nowhere, then when I gave it a bit of thought I realised that I’d LOVE to have figurines of some great Anime characters. So I started browsing whole bunch of Japanese Toy Shops, found out that most of the female characters I’d like to have as a figurine are long out of stock, so I kept searching for whatever was relatively new and suitable for my taste.

That’s when I found Figma Mio, the moment I saw this detailed and beautiful figurine I knew I had to get it. Finally found a shop with her still in stock(KidNemo), but it turned out that I couldn’t find anything else to buy it with. That’s when I found another awesomely looking figure of Black Rock Shooter’s Black Gold Saw, as much as I wanted to order them right then, I couldn’t because she was a pre-order item scheduled for the next month. That’s when I started checking more and more shops for atleast 2 figurines that I’d like to have, when finally on HLJ I’ve found two Evangelion masterpieces, each worth about 30$, so with the ‘must-have’ fever I have ordered it.

While waiting for the Gold Saw + Mio to be both avaible at once, I already got my hands on the Evangelions and damn, the fever spread even more! I started looking for my favourite movie/games characters! Now on my wish list there’s classic Predator & Alien, Illidan Stormrage, Jack Sparrow, Joker and Iron Man. Now the hardest thing to do is to wait for some of them to come out, but I guess I will get over it soon when I get more of them.

So I went ahead and made myself an account on MyFigureCollection.Net (Velore). And all I can say to you fellow Anime fans – collecting is so much fun! Not for the wallet though, I definitely need a job right now, lol.



It’s been quiet lately in here, but I have my explanation for that lazy ass of mine – had a driving test last thursday (I passed it and am like ‘drrrr!’) , as a result I had to do all sort of mental rehab in form of drinking, playing games and.. Basically doing nothing as always.

Tomorrow I’m getting myself to write some opinions about current state of on-goings that I follow, look forward to that bullshit ^w^

Also, finally decided to face the tyranny of Poland-restricted messenger, and went for MSN Messenger, I feel so international nao..

Anyway, if ya wanna talk about anime or whatever, send invite to, would be nice to have other bloggers in it for info share and stuff.


Back to Guild Wars! What’s there left to do?

Guild Wars 2 is approaching with big steps, and that’s the best moment to come back to Guild Wars and enjoy it’s unique nature, that will soon collapse as the sequel differs in many ways, making it way more like WoW.

I’m not saying we won’t be able to play GW, of course we will, the servers will stay on even after the sequel. The thing is though, the latest expansion ‘Eye of the North‘ introduced a chamber called Hall of Monuments. What’s so special about it? Well, ya can display the best armors/weapons/achievments in it, also pets(characters birthday gifts) and Bots with special gears.

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