First Impressions: Another, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, Rinne no Lagrange, Ano Natsu De Matteru, Area no Kishi

Whoa. The season was rather weak at the beginning, but now that I’ve checked rest of the shows, this looks so damn good!


It’s another mystery horror (Ha ha). So far it’s neither gore or crazy.. It just stinks with death and surely is mysterious to the bone. I must say I like that setting, after all I’d rather have a show with a nasty secret rather than another (…) one with brutal scenes of murder that make no sense until end of the serie. My point is, we had Higurashi, now it’s time for something fresh, and the first episode surely felt like something new, especially with all the creepy dismembered dolls appearing out of nowhere.


So the plot got me intrigued, I started wondering why is she ‘another’ and what it can mean. Then again, it doesn’t seem like the classmates can see her, which makes the protagonist seem like a special person who did something in the past that he doesn’t remember. But what? And why did they question whether or not he lived in this town before?.. MYSTERY! And I like that, everything so far makes sense, but I expect a supernatural twist.

Then comes the music and animation, both fit perfectly except for the opening sequence.. I can’t help it but think that ALI PROJECT doesn’t suit that type of a show, so that’s the only disappointment I can think of so far. Can’t wait for ANOTHER episode, haha I’m on a(nother) funny streak.

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First impressions: Kill Me Baby, BRAVE 10, Senki Zesshou Symphogear, Mouretsu Pirates, Recorder to Randoseru

Finally a glimpse into this winter’s season, nothing shocking here so far, but there’s a bunch of series left so who knows.

Let’s see what we’ve got so far:

Kill Me Baby

When I first saw it on the winter chart I thought it has some comedy potential, that it would have crazy characters, exaggerated and random scenes that I wouldn’t predict resulting in a burst of laughter. And what did I get? An Anime that’s WAY overextended to 20min per episode about the most cliche comedy scenes one could imagine in a show with a student assassin. If there’s anything that actually brought a smile to my face, it’s this part of the opening sequence, I could just sit here and unconciously evaporate my brain while watching it for 10 minutes straight and that still would be better than watching the actual show.

To be more precise, most of the comedy includes assassin instinct and the way she reacts to the sudden greetings etc. (Oh you wouldn’t guess that she actually attacks in that case, now would you), other than that it turns out she’s a scaredy cat, so there’s that. Finally we’ve got a ninja character who’s doing all the fancy stuff we saw in Naruto, but when it comes to showing how to do it, everything turns out to be a scam. So as you can see, very basic, elementary even comedy setting that won’t make you laugh out loud. I’ll keep on going with a high chance of dropping it anytime soon.

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New year, new theme!

Okay, the header together with this background might look a bit too flashy so that’ s something to fix in the future, but it should satisfy me for some time. I’ve still got the issue with small content-display space, I wish I could hide widges when reading the full version of a post. Well, I still don’t pay a single cent for this blog so I suppose that’s as far as I can get to make it fit my taste.

Anyhow, hope you like it!

Darker Channel: Kyubey (aka QB)

/人 ‿‿ 人\

Today’s Darker Channel takes a look at the terrifying yet cute Kyubey, and you should be warned that this post might convince you to make a contract with the devil and turn you into mahou shoujo (or something nearly frightening). For more Madoka Magica / QB images check out previous Darker Channel dedicated to the whole serie.

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Happy New Year And Let’s Show Mayans That We Don’t Suck At Swimming

They say that New Year’s Eve is basically a preview for the next year, well, I’m sitting here being all  sick, feverish with my throat bursting in pain.. So I’m just going to pass on the thought that I’ll be DYING the whole next year. Fuck you Mayans, I said no. I hope you people enjoy your hanabi on the fresh air, because some of us probably won’t bother getting up bed, so ye, better enjoy your damn time, bastards.

Why am I even still typing, I feel damn horrible I should go to sleep.. *SIGH* Oh god that actually hurt..

Anyhow, let’s all wish for some damn good 2012th Anime series! Not like it matters, I just thought I should mention anime at some point.

Winter Anime Season 2011/2012

Winter Anime Chart

(Thanks to for providing it!)

Now that we’ve picked our favourite Autumn series, dropped all others and started running low on our Anime fuel, the winter season is right at the door ready to smack you with a snowball. Thankfully, all the fun-to-watch shows from autumn are still coming out and will accompany us through the winter. So even if the new series are horrible, we still have: Fate/ Zero, Persona 4, Mirai Nikki, Chihayafuru and Hunter x Hunter (2011), all that I also recommend you to try if  you aren’t watching it already, as they’re not only worthy of the best of the season title, but also in retrospect to the whole year. Now let’s see take a look at the fresh titles that seem to have some potential:

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Seirei no Moribito Review

Type: TV (Based off VN)

Episodes: 26

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy

Score: 4,8/ 5,0

Based on a novel of the same name: Guardian of the Sacred Spirit is definitely a pearl of Adventure/Fantasy Anime genre.  Its beauty lies in top-notch art and animation, attention to detail and amazingly absorbing story. This review is mostly a recommendation so I’ll avoid spoilers and instead try to convince you to give it a chance as the serie NEEDS to become more popular.

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