Summing up Winter Season 2011/2012

Completely idiotic protagonists who get turned into badasses or Jesus’es, funny horror scenes, unfunny comedies, meaningless robots, drama girls, magical bullshit and finally ever so present: hot springs.

That sums up pretty much everything, but I wouldn’t miss the chance to bash the series separately. They soo deserve it!

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Collection update: Finally we’re getting somewhere!

My collection has reached the point when I can feel proud. My shelves look awesome now! Also I’ve finally made some photos of the DVD boxes that I was talking about lately.

So here’s a closer look at my shiny figurines:

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Anime Collection Making: progress update

Just got the cases, I’ve ordered 20 Viva Elite Black DVD x2 14mm. I chose these because they don’t have any logos on the box, they’re completely clean. Also there are two slots for DVDs and finally, 14mm thickness (which is alike to PS3/X360 cases) so on display it’s easy to see each spine.

Above is the picture of my quick print&cut of the Samurai Champloo image in the case. Since my printer isn’t exactly the best and the photo was taken via phone, the quality isn’t too satisfying. Still, I’m honestly surprised how well it looks even though it was printed on ordinary paper!

Still, I want these to get more reflection so that means glossy paper, today I’ll hit printing shop so expect more images of my progress soon!

Seirei no Moribito Review

Type: TV (Based off VN)

Episodes: 26

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy

Score: 4,8/ 5,0

Based on a novel of the same name: Guardian of the Sacred Spirit is definitely a pearl of Adventure/Fantasy Anime genre.  Its beauty lies in top-notch art and animation, attention to detail and amazingly absorbing story. This review is mostly a recommendation so I’ll avoid spoilers and instead try to convince you to give it a chance as the serie NEEDS to become more popular.

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Darker Channel: Fate/Zero Parodies vol.1

Osu~! Today Darker Channel brings you a bunch of Fate/Zero images that might make you laugh. On second thought, just to be safe, it will atleast make you smile. When the second part of the serie comes out we I will post vol.2. As always, be wary of spoilers! (So be sure to watch episodes up to date first)

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Darker Channel: Madoka Magica Images/Parodies

Hai, it’s been a while since the last Darker Channel on MnS, so I’ve decided to do a grand comeback with one of the greatest series of the year, so heeeree we go, funniest images / fanarts / parodies that I’ve gathered over the months (If you haven’t watched the serie, be wary of heavy spoilers)

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Autumn 2011: Anime I’ll be talking about (Part 2)

Moving on with the series that caught my eye:


This 13-episode serie, being prequel to Fate/Stay Night (split into two parts, second containing twelve episodes titled ‘Fate/Zero 2‘) is certainly the most popular pick of this season. It took one 40 min.  episode to convince everyone who’s watched its sequel that it’s definitely going to get interesting. How so? Well, starting with the plot..

In the world of Fate/Zero,  the fourth War for The Holy Grail is about to start. It’s goal is simple, seven Magi (basically chosen summoners) have to compete with each other using their servants (aka. Heroic Spirits) for the Holy Grail which supposedly has the strength to cause a miracle. The Church and Magus association (which are on hostile terms with each other) made an agreement that for each war a priest should be chosen to moderate it. Kirei Kotomine, whose father was once a mediator, was picked to take his place in the upcoming war (while being a member of both the organisations). The serie is supposed to reveal the conflict between Kirei and Kiritsugu Emiya (foster father of the main character in FSN) also called ‘The Magus Killer’.

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Supernatural turned to Anime


Shocking news hit me lately, as one of the famous TV Shows that I actually watch and enjoy was announced to turn into Anime. (Supernatural the Animation). Two responsible producers are Madhouse and Warner Bros so we can expect something nice out of it.

The serie will be marked as OVA with the number of 22 episodes. These will include story known from the orginal show, but also some special episodes with additional scenes, including new enemies, story background etc.

Seiyuu (Voice actors) for the main characters will be Uchida Yuuya (Sam) and Touchi Hiroki (Dean). The first one gave voice to Stein in Soul Eater, while Touchi was responsible for Cross Marian in D.Gray Man.

I can honestly say, that I expect it to be just fine. This story is all about family ties, revenge, love and obviously supernatural stuff, so it’s really simple and mobile setup fitting Anime series. TV Show itself did a great job, turning the story all the way to Angels and Demons apart from only mythical creatures, making it more and more thrilling with every season, that’s what I hope to see in Anime. The only problem is the number of episodes, 22 times (supposedly) 24 min isn’t even close to 6 seasons with 50 mins episodes each, so I wonder if they cut it into seasons to make the story whole. Well I just hope they do.

For now, thumbs up.

Hajime no Ippo Review

Episodes: 76

Genres: Comedy, Sports, Drama, Shounen

Score: 4,6/5

It’s a bit late review, but I guess I just can’t let that one go, considering that there still are some people who never watched it because it’s sports kind of anime, and truth is – most of them would really love it. First off, some details:


Perhaps the first thought that comes to your mind when you see Ippo above is ‘Wow, that must be boring’ – That’s what I thought anyway. At this point you should know though, how different is boxing in the anime to the real one. But before I encourage you to it, you should know that there is a lot happening next to the boxing ring also. Comedy and drama parts are what made me like it in the first place.

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