Summing up Winter Season 2011/2012

Completely idiotic protagonists who get turned into badasses or Jesus’es, funny horror scenes, unfunny comedies, meaningless robots, drama girls, magical bullshit and finally ever so present: hot springs.

That sums up pretty much everything, but I wouldn’t miss the chance to bash the series separately. They soo deserve it!

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Update on Winter 2012 Anime

Watching too many of these damn shows! Always trying to catch up, but then new episodes come out. *sigh*

And I have to admit, most of the series I considered ‘fine’ I’d describe with ‘meh’ now. Some of them I just struggle my way through, don’t ask me why, I’m mad and I might bite.

Anyhow, here’s what’s been going on:

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First Impressions: Another, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, Rinne no Lagrange, Ano Natsu De Matteru, Area no Kishi

Whoa. The season was rather weak at the beginning, but now that I’ve checked rest of the shows, this looks so damn good!


It’s another mystery horror (Ha ha). So far it’s neither gore or crazy.. It just stinks with death and surely is mysterious to the bone. I must say I like that setting, after all I’d rather have a show with a nasty secret rather than another (…) one with brutal scenes of murder that make no sense until end of the serie. My point is, we had Higurashi, now it’s time for something fresh, and the first episode surely felt like something new, especially with all the creepy dismembered dolls appearing out of nowhere.


So the plot got me intrigued, I started wondering why is she ‘another’ and what it can mean. Then again, it doesn’t seem like the classmates can see her, which makes the protagonist seem like a special person who did something in the past that he doesn’t remember. But what? And why did they question whether or not he lived in this town before?.. MYSTERY! And I like that, everything so far makes sense, but I expect a supernatural twist.

Then comes the music and animation, both fit perfectly except for the opening sequence.. I can’t help it but think that ALI PROJECT doesn’t suit that type of a show, so that’s the only disappointment I can think of so far. Can’t wait for ANOTHER episode, haha I’m on a(nother) funny streak.

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Winter Anime Season 2011/2012

Winter Anime Chart

(Thanks to for providing it!)

Now that we’ve picked our favourite Autumn series, dropped all others and started running low on our Anime fuel, the winter season is right at the door ready to smack you with a snowball. Thankfully, all the fun-to-watch shows from autumn are still coming out and will accompany us through the winter. So even if the new series are horrible, we still have: Fate/ Zero, Persona 4, Mirai Nikki, Chihayafuru and Hunter x Hunter (2011), all that I also recommend you to try if  you aren’t watching it already, as they’re not only worthy of the best of the season title, but also in retrospect to the whole year. Now let’s see take a look at the fresh titles that seem to have some potential:

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