Summing up Winter Season 2011/2012

Completely idiotic protagonists who get turned into badasses or Jesus’es, funny horror scenes, unfunny comedies, meaningless robots, drama girls, magical bullshit and finally ever so present: hot springs.

That sums up pretty much everything, but I wouldn’t miss the chance to bash the series separately. They soo deserve it!

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Autumn 2011 Anime: Progress update

In some cases nothing changed: Ben-to, Kami no Puzzle and UN-GO are pretty much the same, Kimi to Boku is still an average show with very slight comedy setting,  Hunter x Hunter and P4  have the fresh feeling to them and they can be surprising at times, but that’s also nothing new. Yet it turns out that I underestimated a few other series:

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Autumn 2011 Anime: Community’s Impressions

Unfortunately, Anime is one of these hobbies that are like the sea, unless you know how to swim, you will end up on the shore with most people. And by that I mean it’s very easy to catch a hype over something that’s simply bad, but it takes some effort to get to something better.

That’s why the Anime community is full of crazy people who would feel great about recommending you Bleach or Fairy Tail. But that’s mostly because they’re childish, it can get much worse than that.. Let’s look how the latest series turned out rating-wise on

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