Collection update: Finally we’re getting somewhere!

My collection has reached the point when I can feel proud. My shelves look awesome now! Also I’ve finally made some photos of the DVD boxes that I was talking about lately.

So here’s a closer look at my shiny figurines:

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Anime Collection Making: progress update

Just got the cases, I’ve ordered 20 Viva Elite Black DVD x2 14mm. I chose these because they don’t have any logos on the box, they’re completely clean. Also there are two slots for DVDs and finally, 14mm thickness (which is alike to PS3/X360 cases) so on display it’s easy to see each spine.

Above is the picture of my quick print&cut of the Samurai Champloo image in the case. Since my printer isn’t exactly the best and the photo was taken via phone, the quality isn’t too satisfying. Still, I’m honestly surprised how well it looks even though it was printed on ordinary paper!

Still, I want these to get more reflection so that means glossy paper, today I’ll hit printing shop so expect more images of my progress soon!

Finished making custom DVD cases for my future Anime collection!

So after seeing a display of custom PS3 cases for various games today, I got this idea to make my own collection of favourite Anime, starting with boxes that I made using PC game’s DVD template, some awesome wallpapers I’ve found + the official logos + eventually the text I added for english translation of the title. Now it’s all a matter of buying a bunch of empty game cases for PS3 or PC (can’t seem to find these..) and then going to a printing shop to get it done on a glossy paper and voilà!

Personally, I won’t feel bad about burning myself the DVDs with preferred subtitle group and quality, but if you consider yourself a rightful person who orders these ridiculously expensive Anime series online – custom cases are a way to go when your old ones get damaged or you simply want a new design for them. Anyhow, if you’re interested in making some of your own, here’s a link to the NeoGAF forums where I got the necessary templates from, plus all the information on how to print them.

I don’t mind sharing my own printable pictures, but atm I’ve got only preview of the boxes. I’ll be sure to provide what I’ve got so far though!

And here’s a preview boxes’ display made for my favourite series (atleast the ones I could find a fitting wallpaper for):

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