Summing up Winter Season 2011/2012

Completely idiotic protagonists who get turned into badasses or Jesus’es, funny horror scenes, unfunny comedies, meaningless robots, drama girls, magical bullshit and finally ever so present: hot springs.

That sums up pretty much everything, but I wouldn’t miss the chance to bash the series separately. They soo deserve it!

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Update on Winter 2012 Anime

Watching too many of these damn shows! Always trying to catch up, but then new episodes come out. *sigh*

And I have to admit, most of the series I considered ‘fine’ I’d describe with ‘meh’ now. Some of them I just struggle my way through, don’t ask me why, I’m mad and I might bite.

Anyhow, here’s what’s been going on:

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Autumn 2011: Anime I’ll be talking about (Part 1)

This season is definitely full of memories, as Persona 4 started coming out and so did Hunter x Hunter(2011). Yet we should not ignore the fact that there ISĀ  some freshness on the horizon, unfortunately mixed up with a bit of ‘the usual treatment’ (so basically girls falling on a guy and pantsu shots).

But worry not! It seems like this autumn won’t be too cold, we might just get enough warmth to last to the Winter, so let’s take a look at my picks of this season:

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

I was one of the fortunate people who saw Hunter x Hunter lately and then few weeks later found out that a remake is coming. I couldn’t hold the girlish giggling at this point, which was a manly thing to do at the time. So basically for people who never watched either: Go watch the old one to give some time for the remake to come out. It’s going to take LONG, and sooner or later you will feel the painful brain itch that won’t come off until you see the next episode.

That being said, I’d better explain what it’s all about: Gon Freecs is a young boy who never had a chance to talk to his father as the latter gave up on his upbringing as he chose the unusual profession of a Hunter. Hunters are an elitist group of incredibly skilled people who have access to intel and places that no ordinary people can reach. They had to go through so-called ‘Hunter exam’. It takes place every year but the rumour goes that only one person in every 3 years is capable of passing it. As Gon grows up, he decides to follow his dad’s footsteps and to eventually meet the legendary Ging Freecs. Anime starts when Gon leaves his home island to take the exam, and what happens later on is something you should watch yourself, just a hint: It gets much darker.

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